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Fever Ranges by Different Methods

Did you know oral, underarm and rectal temperature readings will vary? Rectal temperatures tend to be the most accurate and best for fever readings. Be sure to note what method was used to take your temperature.

You may be familiar with the number 98.6°F when it comes to body temperature readings. That's the average normal oral temperature. Depending on method, this number can actually fluctuate for rectal, ear and underarm readings.

What are the fever ranges by method?

It's important to note what type of reading was taken so you can determine if a fever is truly present. Check out this useful chart below to see fever ranges by method.

Why do different methods give different readings?

Medical research hasn't determined an exact correlation between the different methods, however, ear and rectal readings are generally higher than oral, while armpit and forehead are lower. For the most precise reading, pediatricians often recommend a rectal temperature reading for kids.

Our in-app guidance takes this into account and your Kinsa QuickCare thermometer will note which type of reading was taken since it can be use orally, rectally or under the arm. Rest assured your timeline will note which method, that way you can accurately relay this to your doctor for the best follow up.