Know when illness is spreading and what to do about it.

We work to curb the spread of infectious illness through early detection and response. We provide our insights and guidance to enterprises, healthcare, and households and communities.

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Drive sales and improve planning with real-time predictive health analytics

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Accurately predict required bed capacity and staffing – and stay ahead of the curve with Kinsa Insights’ Illness Insights

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and communities

Like a nurse in your pocket, the Kinsa thermometer and app guides your family to care and treatment to get better faster

Our solutions

We focus our efforts on helping the entire community, from households and schools to enterprises and government agancies, curb the spread of infectious illness.

We accomplish this through the following solutions.

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Stay ahead of the curve with the earliest predictive health analytics solutions

See when and where cough, cold, flu and other symptomatic illnesses, will rise, up to 20 weeks in advance. Use our actionable, real-time illness insights to more accurately forecast sales demand, optimize media spend, and reduce supply chain disruptions.

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Companies and organizations that depend on Kinsa Insights

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"This upcoming Cold & Flu season, Kinsa's accurate illness forecast will help us optimize our supply chain, drive revenue and most importantly, have our products on shelves where they are needed..."

Brian Nussbaum

Planning Director - Mucinex/Reckitt Health

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Kinsa for Healthcare

Accurately predict required bed capacity and staffing – and stay ahead of the curve with Kinsa Insights’ Illness Insights.

Get ahead of the curve on bed capacity, elective surgery deferrals, and staffing planning by predicting when and where infectious illnesses & symptoms (like cough, cold, flu & COVID) will surge, at the county and ZIP levels.

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"This blended approach of artificial intelligence and medicine not only informs when and where illness will spread, but also helps ... to reduce clinical burn-out and accurately anticipate the needs of our customers..."

Richard Clarke, PhD

Senior Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer, Highmark Health

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Households and Communities

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Track illness in your area. Know when to be cautious.

Stay aware of Covid-19, Flu, Stomach Bug and Cold trends in your community so that you can plan accordingly and keep you and your family healthy.

Explore risk levels, COVID-19 forecasts, and other illness data for all 50 states. Sort and compare states, visualize county-level data, and

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“...researchers found that the Kinsa data correlated closely with official surveillance measures but detected flu-like cases up to three weeks before they were reported by health officials.”
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Like a nurse in your pocket, the Kinsa thermometer and app guides your family to care and treatment to get better faster

Kinsa's award-winning smart thermometers and mobile application act as a nurse in your pocket, answering the questions "what's going around?" and "how do I get better faster?" Use the app to track fever and symptoms, get guidance from board-certified clinicians, and understand illness trends in your community.

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You can find Kinsa thermometers at all major retailers

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"The app not only held the information but prompted actions and reminders. I bought a thermometer. What I actually bought was a medical support staff. I took better care of our grandchild because of Kinsa."

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How it works

Kinsa is a powerful and robust early warning and predictive system that provides real-time insights for entire communities to be equipped to stop the spread of infectious illness.

Watch this brief explainer video to learn more

In The News

Kinsa’s illness tracking and forecasting provides actionable guidance to families, businesses, and communities. Our insights also drive important and urgent storytelling from top global news organizations.

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“Kinsa, which makes internet-connected thermometers, has routinely detected the spread of seasonal flu weeks before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And when Covid hit last year, the company saw unusual spikes in fevers about 18 days before states recorded peaks in deaths.”

The New York Times

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About Kinsa

We use advanced technology and epidemiological techniques to analyze unique illness signals, gathered from millions of households and other sources, to track and forecast the spread of illness earlier than other systems and get ahead of the next surge.

We believe that the biggest problem in healthcare globally is the spread of infectious illness. We believe we can change this story

Our mission is to stop the spread of illness. Accomplishing it requires better information about where illness is rising—only then can the right organizations and resources be mobilized to stop its spread.

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