Kinsa's Privacy Principle

Personally identifiable information should not be used without a user’s permission and ongoing awareness. Fully anonymized data should be used to benefit society.

At Kinsa, we strongly believe that companies have a responsibility to help society as long as they can do so without ever sacrificing privacy. We also believe that the spread of illness is one of the biggest problems the world faces, and that to stop it, we must know where and when it is starting. We founded Kinsa to do just that — to use anonymous information from people who have just fallen ill, with their permission and awareness, to help them and their communities get and stay healthy.

Here are examples of what we do with our anonymized illness signal:

  • Publish population health insights at, to serve as an early warning system for public health first-responders.
  • Let pharmacies know where illness is rising so they can avoid running out of the products sick people need.
  • Work with vaccine distributors to ensure that vaccines are being developed and sent where they are needed.
  • Give it to elementary schools to help them stop illness from spreading, keeping kids in school learning.
  • Offer regional illness level information to local news stations when illness levels spike, so they can help their audiences take precaution.
  • Help companies direct their marketing to sicker areas

Here is what we will never do:

  • Sell personally identifiable or individual data without the individual’s explicit permission. We’ve been approached to do this many times. We have specifically designed our business model and products not to do it.

You are in complete control of the data you share with us. Whether on iPhone or Android, our app specifically asks you to opt-in to share your location. If you choose to deny that request, your location data is not shared with us at all, and therefore you do not contribute to our illness signal. You can also opt-out at any time by following these steps: However, this means you will not be contributing to Kinsa’s mission to stop illness from spreading.

See Kinsa’s full Privacy Policy